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Ricardo Hernandez Pereira

Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advanced R&D Scientist - Performance Materials and Technologies - Buffalo Research Laboratories at Honeywell company

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 2006

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Professional with ~20 years experience in R&D, product andsolutions development. Strong technical background on appliedresearch, engineering analysis and design. Coordination oftechnical and non-technical boundary conditions as they motivateand influence multidisciplinary product evolution strategy / NPD.Impact of scenario swings on product and solutions attractiveness/competitiveness. Planning unstructured and complex issuesrelated to new products and solutions. Innovative thinking guidingconceptual analysis, product/solution architecture definition,technology transfer. Product transitioning from development stageto production / NPI. TRL 3-9 range. Collaborative activities inthe pursuit and identification of new opportunities and linkages.Interaction with both public and private sectors/agencies in shaping innovative projects as to fit multiple stakeholder expectations.Interaction with Universities and Research Institutes.



Energy optimization
Renewable energy