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Giuseppe Tommasone

Lombardia, Italy

Managing Director at Global TechnicalSolutions

Chemical Engineering

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Heat Transfer Expert Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical-EPC Contractors Consultant for Special Heat Exchangers. WHAT I DO: Helping Customers to Improve Performance Providing Heat Transfer Solutions WHO I WORK WITH:since 1979 I have helped over 3,000 small, medium, and large business Oil & Gas, Power, Steelworks Chemicals Pharma and EPC customers. WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Heat Transfer Specialist you get the most efficient, effective and affordable Engineering & Design that Industrial Customers are looking for right now. WHAT MAKES HEAT TRANSFER SPECIALIST DIFFERENT: Working exclusively in the Heat Exchange with a portfolio of dedicated products without being tied to one type or another for bonds of exclusivity or convenience he can support in a proper way. HOW IT WORKS: After analysis of duty required Heat Transfer Specialist submitting alternative quotations of Heat Exchangers in portfolio (i.e Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers vs. Shell& Tube HE's) evaluates better solution with Customer.



Brand Awareness
International sales
Mechanical engineering
Thermal Design


ANWIL POland Fertilizer

Sales Agent

26 Jul 2020 - currently working. about 3 years

Fertilizer. Urea Granules dryer

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