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Osamah Rehman Khan

Sind, Pakistan

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I am an Electronic Engineer Graduate from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Sindh, Pakistan. After graduation, I set up my own tech startup having the position of Founder and CEO of Smart School Bus Tech company/start-up. The key idea of this company is to revolutionize the current transport fleet of the educational fleet service into a computerized fleet operated through the Internet of Things (IoT). Meanwhile to this, also working on different sideline projects in order to increase the feasibility of my company.



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Founder and CEO

Owner: Osamah Rehman Khan

28 Jun 2020 - currently working. almost 2 years

Keeping the main tag line in mind "Where the child safety comes first". We as a company had decided to revolutionize the current transport fleet offered by the academic institutes to meet the cutting edge technological era. In our project "Smart School Bus", we have use Central Tracking Unit (CTU) installed to be on the vehicles in the fleet service. The CTU Consist of main microcomputer, RFID, IR, GSM, GPS, and Buzzer. Meanwhile, at software, we have developed a web-page interface that is to be provided to the administration and android app that is to be provided to the driver and student. On a contradiction to above, Linux and IOS based applications are also in the development phase.

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