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Kerala, India

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I would say I'm a “Passionate Technology Enthusiast" with thirst for knowledge & innovations with a strong will for contributing towards a clean future. I am someone who goes with a simple life principle, "Improving myself from whom I was Yesterday". So I always find it important to learn something new "Today". Being a Sustainability Consultant I am confidence to take up every challenge with my professional attitude and ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment using my experience in analyzing, developing and executing sustainable and renewable energy solutions in the residential, commercial, industrial, telecom and utility sectors. During my career I have always been searching and ascertaining new, unique and easily followable practices to minimize unnecessary man hours by the integration of technology for ensuring smart work at achieving goals with quality. I am someone who is punctual and focused with exceptional technical, analytical and logical reasoning skills along with reasonable due diligence and interpersonal skills. While holding a leadership and decision-making role, I have consistently taken bold, decisive and definitive actions, for the benefit of my organization and team while arriving at solutions to problems and challenges through conventional, unconventional and creative approaches. Being an accountable human being, I regard sharing my bit of knowledge to others as my obligation and have continued conducting several training sessions for Engineers, Technicians and students throughout my professional career. Even though I'm still en route of learning, I am always eager to take part in moulding a versatile young generation capable to utilise the boon of technology with an unassailable desire to "Nurture Mother Nature”.



Analytical Skills
Computer Knowledge
Data Analysis
Electric Propulsion
Electrical engineering
Electrical Troubleshooting
Energy Conservation
Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Consulting
Energy management
Energy Optimization
Energy Storage Solutions
Failure Analysis
Fault Analysis
Man Management
Micro Grid & Smart Grid
Microsoft Excel
Ms Office
New Product Development
Power Solutions
Problem Solving
Product Development
Product Knowledge
Product Management
Product Technical Documents Development
Project Commissioning
Project Engineering
Project Managment
Proposal Management
Public Speaking
Quick Technical Assessment
Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Systems
Root Cause Analysis
Solar Energy
Solar PV
Strategic Thinking
Strategy Development
Supervisory Skills
System Designer
Team Management
Techincal Support
Technical Project Leadership
Technical Writing
Training And Development

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49.5MWp Solar PV Farm, Vietnam

Senior Engineer, Member of Project Expert Panel

31 Dec 2018 - 29 Mar 2019. 3 months

One of the Engineers associated with Solar PV Expert's Panel of the Regen Power – Teamsustain JV project, responsible for Owner’s Engineering Services undertaking the tasks of • Design & Engineering Review • Micro-Shade Analysis • Assistance in Project Management • Quality Process & Control • Module /String level testing • Technical support & training and monitoring the plant construction activities on a daily basis during the course of the project that spanned around 5 months. The US$50 million Project designed for 49.5MWp to produce an average electricity generation of 70,000 MWh/year covers an area of approximately 60 hectares.

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Containerised MicroGrid Solution for University of Tasmania, Australia

Team Lead, Senior Engineer

30 Apr 2018 - 29 Mar 2019. 11 months

Responsible for Design and Development of a research and development project for University of Tasmania - A Containerised Plug and Play Solution illustrating the working of MicroGrid using various technologies of Solar Photovoltaic System, Hybrid Diesel Generator and Batteries.

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Solar Powered Electric Propulsion

Team Lead, Senior Engineer

28 Feb 2018 - 30 Aug 2018. 6 months

Responsible for Design and Development of Solar Powered Electric Boat which was a TeamSustain – Samudra Shipyard JV. The Boat was designed by Samudra Shipyard and the electric propulsion and Solar PV design and implementation was carried out by TeamSustain. Represented TeamSustain in the news coverage regarding the project in the segment Fastrack by famous Malayalam Media Manorama News. Tune into 18:48 mins for Technical Explanation of Solar Powered Electric Propulsion

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Solar PV Off-Grid Solution for Eco-Tourism Resort, Sri Lanka

Team Lead, Senior Engineer

30 Jun 2017 - 29 Jun 2018. 12 months

Responsible for Design, Development and Implementation of 25+kWp Solar PV Off-Grid Solution for an Eco-Tourism Tented Resort in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. The design started from the load optimization by selection of energy efficient electrical loads for the resort including Air conditioners for Tents. After the energy efficiency implementations a 25+kWp Solution was designed to support the entire electric load throughout the day. | Solar PV Array Details | Solar PV Capacity : 25+ kWp || Solar PV Technology : CIGS | Battery Bank Details | Battery Capacity : 150kWh || Battery Technology : FLA | Solar Charge Controller Details | Solar CC Capacity : 25+ kW || Solar CC Technology : MPPT | Inverter Details | Inverter Capacity : 20kVA || No. of Inverter : 2 Nos (2 x 10kVA)

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Inspection of 500kWp Floating Solar PV System

Senior Engineer

22 Dec 2017 - 30 Jan 2018. about 1 month

One of the Engineers who visited floating solar power plant in Banasura Sagar Dam on 23rd December 2017 for carrying out the Site Inspection and drafted the Site Inspection Report.

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