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Emran Billah

Linquip Level: Advanced

Nova Scotia, Canada

Systems and Software Specialist at Bluedrop Training and Simulation

Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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I aspire to be a valuable resource in the world of Engineering and IT. Possessing a Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with several years of experience in the respective fields, I have grown accustomed to specialize in them. I am scrutinous in my work and strive to stay updated with modern technologies and practices. Having worked with and managed multiple projects in the past, I have grown to learn the various aspects of modern technologies and the challenges they may assert. My experience has allowed me to accumulate knowledge from various sources and diverse settings, which have made me strongly equipped to tackle obstacles and challenges. I have also worked in various bar and restaurant settings which have allowed me to learn advanced social and management skills. All combined, I have learned to portray myself as a professional leader, which, I believe, can positively influence the growth and improvement of any institution or establishment. Born and raised in Bangladesh, I was always keen on mathematics which proved to be one of my biggest strengths, both in the field of engineering and computer science. I take great interest in software and web app development, both for academics and amusement. I am strongly motivated to pursue a career in software, web, embedded systems or power systems engineering.


Electric Motors


Electrical Power Transmission




Computational fluid dynamics
Digital Signal Processing
Electrical power engineering