Mirza M. Baig

Linquip Level: Expert

Alberta, Canada

Senior Estimator at VTEK Consultants

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An Estimator with extensive experience in Mechanical Equipment (Pumps, Compressors, Pressure Vessels, Conveying and handling Systems), Piping and Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Civil Works (Site development, Earthwork, Excavation / back

fill, Concrete including small / large foundations) and Structural Steel works for Energy, Utility, Chemical, Petrochemical and power sector. Known as bottom line oriented, collaborative, detail proficient, with the ability to communicate to all levels of the organization. Below is a summarized list of my expertise and skills.

o Extensive experience of estimating as per AACE International classifications and guidelines.

o Analysis of bid packages and interpretation of documents including scope of works, drawings, specifications, deadlines and commercial / technical requirements.

o Preparing Estimates for Mechanical Equipment, Piping / Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Civil Works and Structural steel.

o Estimating for signals & communications (CP Railways).

Skills (Expertise):