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I have a diverse background of experience that spans performance marketing, communications and sales. I'm strategic and enthusiastic: I seek out compelling and creative ways to present new thinking that shape client communications and brand. I am culture- obsessed and thrive in a collaborative, learning environment that drives innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Executive Director

04 Feb 2020 - 04 Jan 2021. 11 months

It was informed by the 2017 Pollinator Action Plan workshop, informal cross-Council consultation and with input from external partners. The Pollinator Action Plan is a two part document. The first part sets out the evidence and need for action, whilst the second (the appendix) is an operational plan which focuses on actions that can be taken by CC across our assets, functions and responsibilities. These actions will help to reverse the decline in bees, butterflies and other insects by providing food and places of refuge for pollinators.

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