Charlie Brake

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Hants, United Kingdom

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I have over twenty years’ experience working with Gas Turbine Air Filtration systems. I started out working in research and development concentrating on the marine and offshore markets. I worked on developing new filters, water removal and filtration systems, many of which are now established products in the global market. Towards the end of this period, I took on the responsibilities of customer support and troubleshooting, gained my OPITO qualifications, working on site with customers around the world, helping to identify and resolve issues with their equipment. This provided a fantastic opportunity, gaining experience intake systems from all the major suppliers, and working on Turbines ranging from small aero derivative units all the way through to H-class installations. I also spent a lot of time working in new industries - Mobile, Powergen and LNG, while continuing to support offshore and marine customers.

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Air filtration

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