Joerg Ihrig

Linquip Level: Expert

Nidwalden, Switzerland

Project Manager at CP Pump

Status: Open to work


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At a glance

• Strong executive with extensive experience in sales and key account management as well as technology, development and service in technology and engineering companies

• Expertise: Strategy and concept development for the marketing of products and plants | Development of business fields | Customer acquisition and retention | Implementation of innovative concepts and technical solutions | Conducting negotiations | Relationship management at international level

• Technically and economically thinking engineer with communication skills, team spirit and vision, who inspires people and leads projects to success | Analytical, conceptual, binding

• Experience as a patent engineer in drafting the basis for claims and in the search for relevant information on the current state of the art.

• As Business Development Manager / Product Manager developing new business areas, sales markets, products, new customers and partners | Further developing existing business areas | Creating forecasts of future trends | Analyzing the competition

• Managing national and international projects teams | Leading software teams developing new sale tool | Developing new electronic switch | International Project Manager Robotics

• Responsible for sales up to € 9 million | Head of Automation Department leading 38 employees

• Successes: Time savings of 20% and an 18% increase in sales to €9 million through implementation of a new cell concept automation technology | Establishment of an extended warranty with a potential of €10 million annually | Development of a $120 million service package for General Motors

• 1st place Innovation Prize MERSEN 2015 for the development of a new electronic switch at CERN with a sales potential for the following years of more than 10 million CHF

Skills (Expertise):

Business development