Kamal Sharif A.Baker

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Singapore, Singapore

Business Development Director at PT. APS Indonesia

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Manager Projects Heavylift

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I am currently representing 3 companies:

- Project Director at PT Adikaro Indonesia

- Business Development Director at PT APS Indonesia

- Manger Projects & Heavylift at Dextrans Worldwide

Over 20 years of experience in various Management capacities, primary focus in Oil & Gas industry.

Worked extensively in Indonesia for O&G and Mining with good connections to Oil Majors, Government bodies and Mine Owners.

Formative years include training at Oil Services Companies and was based in Dubai for 7 years before becoming a full fledged Consultant for O&G, Mining and other related Industries.

Resume available upon request.

Skills (Expertise):

Business Development Director

Oil &gas

Related Devices and Categories:

Consulting services

Product management

Project management



Kamal Sharif A.Baker

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As real as it gets...this was what happened close to our Mining Site, Artisanal or Illegal miners putting profit before human lives. 6 dead thus far.

Even before the 1st phase of our Exploration was completed, these so called "Miners" were already busy with Profiteering. Such disregard for wanton Safety and Legal Permits only stand to benefit a few people. They utilize local villagers as their workforce and paying low wages. Exploitation of Human Rights without fear of Repercussions Governing Bodies.

We, as a company express our deepest condolences to the families of the departed. Once our operation starts, priority will be given to the Locals for Job Placements with full benefits to ensure that we grow together for the well being of the community and stop all forms of abuse to the Land and the People.

Kamal Sharif A.Baker

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Good day everyone,

An Upcoming Indonesian EPCI company is looking for a Business Partner for projects. With 4 prospects in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Java, they are in the process of securing the projects via Direct Selection.

- Status Immediate, for legalities and consortium formation.

- Full transparency on all Project Potentials with mapping of 2022 projects

- Commencement of Projects will be by April through June

- Kick-off Meeting will be by mid April for Kalimantan

- Suitable for Companies looking to venture into Indonesia or for Existing Companies expanding their Project Portfolio

Only serious parties will be considered, please email direct at [email protected]

Kamal Sharif A.Baker

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Strategic Placement for Projects:

Good day everyone, this is from an actual email sent to a Manufacturer. The reason for this post is to showcase what the Project Potentials are in Indonesia for Service Providers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Professionals and Investors (project funding etc)

A simple brief for now:

a. There are 2 Perspectives on business and projects during the Pandemic, Positive and Negative

- Negative is to be redundant and hope for scraps from the 'Big Table' with false hopes for normalcy in the near future

- Positive is to be proactive and plan for Long Lead Strategic Placement. The new normal does require us to explore possibilities from different perspectives without compromising our resources

(Email me directly to know more: [email protected])


Kamal Sharif A.Baker

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Hi everyone, let us share knowledge about our collective Experience. Maybe this will be of value to us all, thanks and please expand on the subject accordingly.