Irfana Hashmi

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Bihar, India

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Working in the capital market for the since last three years with highest level of accuracy and in depth analysis of equity/commodity market. Able to correlate various micro and macro economic factors affecting country specific and global markets.Excellent understanding of economic practices which influence energy industries.


NISM (National Institute of Securities markets) Series X-A Investment Advisor Level 1

NISM (National Institute of Securities markets) Series X-B Investment Advisor Level 2

Studied in Electronics and Communication Engineering and completed Master in Business Administration in Finance & HR (dual specialization.

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Data analysis

Data analysis

Electro motor

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Individual Contributor

28 Dec 2011 - 10 May 2012. 4 months

The present project is designed to satisfy the security needs of the railways. This system provides the security in four ways: automatic gate opening/closing system at track crossing, signaling for the train driver, tracking the signals, and track protection. The automatic gate opening/closing system is provided with the reflection sensors placed at a distance of few kilometres on the both sides from the crossing road. The sensors give the train reaching and leaving status to the embedded controller at the gate to which they are connected.

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Individual Contributor

01 Mar 2016 - 12 Apr 2016. about 1 month

This study examines the relationship between beta and returns in the National Stock Exchange, taking into account the difference between positive and negative market excess returns‟ yields. We investigate the period between 2013 and 2016 focusing on the risk-return trade-off by examining separately the up-market and down-market months. Our evidence show that the estimation of return and beta without differentiating positive and negative market excess returns produces a flat unconditional relationship between return and beta. However, when using the conditional CAPM , SHARPE and TREYNOR analysis, there is a significant positive relationship in up market and a significant negative relationship in down market. This is a second attempt in testing the relationship between beta and returns in the NSE, using single stocks instead of forming portfolios (first attempt). Although the new results are similar to those of the previous study they are definitely sounder, improved, and statistically significant. Finally, we get better results.

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