Rimeh Ismail

Linquip Level: Expert

Tunis, Tunisia

chemist analyst at University of Tunis el Manar

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Dr. Rimeh ISMAIL is a Chemist-Analyst. Her main interest is heterogeneous catalysis. In September 2014, Miss Rimeh defended her master in chemistry carried out in the Laboratory of Materials Chemistry and Catalysis. In December 2020, she defended her doctoral thesis titled Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for the oxidation of VOCs. During 8 years in the Laboratory of Materials Chemistry and Catalysis, she became familiar with new characterization methods such as FITIR-in situ, UV-Vis-in situ, NH3-TPD, O2-TPD, H2-TPR, XRD, BET and she gained practical experience using many method of synthesis like wetness impregnation and sol-gel method. Her results have been presented in several national and international conferences. She showed great interest, motivation, serious and great initiative in both the experiments and the interpretation of the results.

Skills (Expertise):

Technology research