Dr. Kahraman Şirin

Linquip Level: Advanced

Istanbul, Turkey

Technical Consulting & Training / Steel Pipe Production at Freelance

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

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Throughout his thirty-year career in the steel pipe industry, he has held various positions in different companies and most recently as General Manager. Experienced in pipe production processes such as ERW pipe&profile, spiral pipes, and hot-dip galvanizing. He chaired the investment committees and realized many large-scale industrial investments. He holds a Ph.D. in the toughness behavior of SAW spiral steel pipes used in onshore oil&gas pipeline systems. Author of various technical articles published in international scientific journals and speaker at conferences held in Turkey and abroad.


1. Influence of the inter-pass temperature on t8/5 and the mechanical properties of submerged arc welded pipe, journal of Materials Processing Technology, (2016).

2. Influence of the chemical composition of weld electrode on the mechanical properties of submerged arc welded pipe, International journal of Advanced Manufacturing Tech, (2016).

3. Influence of initial conditions on the mechanical behavior of ion nitrided AISI 4340 steel, Materials Science & Engineering, (2013).

4. Effect of ion nitriding surface hardening process on fatigue behavior of AISI4340 steel, Materials Characterization, (2008)

5. A Computer Program for Choosing Welding Parameters in Spiral Welded Pipe Production, 13th International Conference on Computer Technology, American Welding Society, Florida, (2003).

6. Optimization of the inner surface zinc layer thickness in the steel pipe galvanizing, Intergalva

Conference, Amsterdam, (2003)

7. Control of welding parameters using metallographic investigation in the HF induction welded pipes,

Pipeline Welding ’98 - İstanbul (1998)

Skills (Expertise):

ERW Pipe Production

SAW Spiral Pipe Production

Hot-dip galvanizing

efficiency analysis in companies