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Dave Anderson

Scotland, United Kingdom

Company Direction

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DAVID M. ANDERSON is a Director of Score Diagnostics Limited and is responsible for the global deployment and development of the company’s valve condition and performance monitoring products and services, which are focused on delivering operating cost reduction, risk minimization and efficiency maximization for its customers. With 36 years of experience of working directly in the valve industry, David has worked in many roles. He is in his 26th year of employment in the Score Group and has been involved in valve diagnostics and condition monitoring for over 19 years. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a Chartered Quality Professional, a Member of the Chartered Quality Institute and a Member of the Institute of Asset Management. He is a time served Mechanical Engineering Technician and has a wide array of Engineering and Business qualifications and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and coaching / mentoring others.



Acoustic Emissions Monitoring of Valves
Condition Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring of Valves
Control Systems
Customer Training
Data Analysis
Environmental Engineering
Failure Analysis
Fault Analysis
Field Service
Hydrostatic Test
In Situ Valve Testing
Industrial Maintenance
Intelligent Valve Management
International Sales
Leak Detection and Repair
Maintenance Management
Monitoring Valves In Situ
Performance Analysis
Product Development
Product Knowledge
Public Speaking
Reliability Engineering
Risk Management
Sales Management
Strategic Business Planning
Training And Development
Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring
Valve Condition Monitoring
Valve Leak Detection
Valve Monitoring
Valve Reliability
Valve Specialist


V-MAP Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring

Valve Monitoring and Insights and System Enhancements

Owner: Shell / Gassco

31 Jul 2004 - currently working. over 18 years

V-MAP is a permanently installed valve monitoring and diagnostics system, designed to deliver 100% reliability in the most critical valves in a process plant. This in situ valve monitoring system provides a data driven approach to asset management and maintenance activities for process owners/operators. The first installation of this system was delivered at the Ormen Lange facility in Norway in 2004 and it has assisted in the delivery of 100% reliability in the valve population it has been monitoring there to date. The success and value of the original installation was underlined when an extension to the system was added in 2016. A 50% increase in the volume of valves being monitored was added, given the customer's satisfaction with the original system's performance. V-MAP insights deliver operators both qualitative and quantitative data which allows them to optimise their asset management programme and engage in a value-based, proactive asset maintenance approach.

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