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Andrew Besner

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California, United States

Vice President at Gas Turbine World Magazine


Walking the intersection of software, technical sales, and plain ol' English - I help suppliers generate new business leads through digital programming and targeting.



Brand promotion
Digital marketing strategist
Sales and marketing


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The upcoming issue of Gas Turbine World Magazine deep-dives into technologies aimed at decarbonization of power generation, with coverage of:

- supercritical CO2 power generation

- OEM's hydrogen strategies, including updates on projects across the globe from GE Power, Mitsubishi Power, Solar Turbines, Siemens Energy, MAN Turbo

- the true costs of green hydrogen strategies involving gas turbines

- and more!

Is your company part of the Energy Transition? There's still time to advertise and align your brand with this important topic! Reach out via email to: [email protected]

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Searching for gas turbine pricing, or comparing different model ratings and performance? Gas Turbine World's annual HANDBOOK edition is now available. If you are looking for pricing information on gas turbines or Plant/Project estimates, the 2021 Gas Turbine World Handbook offers:

- Genset-only pricing for industrial gas turbines from GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Solar, Baker Hughes, Ansaldo, Kawasaki, and more!

- Plant pricing estimates for Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle configurations, including: net turbine power rating, heat rate, net plant efficiency, estimated plant price, and $/kW pricing

- Mechanical drive pricing

The 2021 Handbook is available at the following link:

If you're comparing different gas turbines, evaluating upgrades, or planning your next purchase, the annual Handbook is the go-to guide you don't want to miss - it's been called "the BEST gas turbine manual. Period."