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Edo, Nigeria

SOLIDWORKS user group Leader at Benin City SOLIDWORKS user group

Mechanical engineering

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I am a currently a final year undergraduate mechanical engineering. As a design engineer in training, I have made quite a mark in the field; devoting myself to study of contemporary industrial codes and standards, learning and actively practising with software to aid my course, and also engaging in real-life training in the field. Out of my quest and dedication to learn, unlearn and re-learn, I started a SOLIDWORKS User group community in my society, the first of its kind in the 16 countries of WEST AFRICA to ensure that my immediate community keeps tabs with others in World. As a winner and champion in many competitions throughout my academic life, I take discipline, honesty and focus as my watchwords and bring all of these to bear in the articles I publish and projects I carry out. I have myriads more things to learn, that’s why I keep looking for job opportunities, internships and hopefully, my dreams will one day come through!