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Uttar Pradesh, India

Assistant Manager at Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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 I would describe myself as a honest, punctual, organised person who is passionate about automobiles and the related technologies.

Since, childhood days I have been involved in various automotive research projects.

Alternate fuel technologies and emission control methods being the major ones.

Globally, as a professional mechanical engineer. I have a rich experience of 8+ years in power train design, development and project management in auto component industry as well as with OEMs.

Also, I have worked on various localization and va ve projects comprising of major components like crankshaft, bearings, clutch, intake and exhaust system.

My technical competencies includes various engine component selection,development and knowledge of their working principle and testing them on various durability and functional parameters.

Apart from it, my management competencies includes effective project management.

Scheduled development management using various APQP tools and techniques.

Problem solving skills by using quality tools like six sigma, 8D etc.

CFT approach for defect free development and failure analysis.

Personally, I am passionate about travelling and like to explore untamed places. Also, I like to modify my vehicles to my taste. Being an avid reader about technologies and history, I like to know the unknown facts about the world.

Skills (Expertise):

Root Cause Analysis

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New Product Development

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Data Analysis

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Project Managment

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Failure Analysis

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Performance Analysis

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