Abdellatief Alsiebaie

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Surt, Libya


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With due respect, I would like to introduce myself as recently working for Waha Oil Field, Waha oil company in Libya in the position of direct hired. I have been working in the oil and gas field for the last 18 Years from 1996 to November 2007. then transferred to Total Libya(CPTL) as workover supervisor till 31st Dec 2008, start new job W/Enventure Global Technology ( Middle East ) as project manager for running expandable casing till mar 2010,consultant with tendi oil services running PDC Bits from may 2010 to jan 2011, business development manager with alsharqiya technical oil services from june first 2012 till 31-oct 2012,consultant with Wadi Egaib oil field service as site supervisor for OPCW project June-1st â€“ 2013 till June-1st â€“ 2015 cooperate with parsons engineering I am submitting this Application in the Hope I will be considered for a currently vacant remain available for any test or interview at your convenient time.


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