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Muhammad Naeem Baig

Sind, Pakistan


A power plant professional, working as Commercial & Performance Engineer at 990 MW CCPP, Uch Power Limited owned by Engie, French multinational electric utility company. Primarily, working on Performance Monitoring of GE Frame 9E Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines of GE & Fuji along with the Performance & Condition Monitoring of plant auxiliaries to improve the performance & reliability of combined cycle power plant. Previously, worked for GE Power at O&M site Saif Power-225 MW in Sahiwal, K-Electric at 248 MW CCPP, Korangi Creek, Karachi and IPP of 136.5 MW, Gul Ahmed Energy Ltd., in Performance department.



Air filteration
Combustion turbine
Cooling tower
Evaporative cooler
Heat exchanger
Heat recovery steam generator
Inlet air cooling
Steam condenser
Steam turbine
Turbine compressor

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