Liam Basson

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Western Cape, South Africa

Electrician at Schneider Electric

Engineering studies

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Good day to you all

I'm Emmanuel Prince Masuku .Reside in mfuleni Cape town. I'm applying for electrician job in your company .

I have been working for Macho group in De doorns fj conraide primary school , Worcester Vusisizwe secondary school , and schaapkraal solid waste management Philiphi

I was doing school wiring ,DB Board wiring,power sketting ,floods lights ,running power cable to the gates , plugs ,switches etc

schaapkraal solid waste management electrical renovations plugs , down lights ,office lights ,power sketting, DB Boards

Contact Details site supervisor

Name. : Brain

Contact :+27743157146


Kindly regards

Emmanuel Prince Masuku


[email protected]