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Ahmed aricha

Oran, Algeria

Rigger and crane operator at Irma global

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More than 17 years of experience in the fields of gas, oil and energy.



Owner: SH and BP and statoil

24 Oct 2003 - 17 Feb 2005. over 1 year
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Saleh Gas was appointed as a gas complex in the Algerian desert, and it contains gas turbines.And we took enough experience of this project, forklift driver and hytorc

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Rigger /crane operator/rigging lifting supervisor

Owner: SH/BP_/statoil

12 Jun 2005 - 26 Dec 2017. over 12 years
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in amenas is also a gas complex in the desert of Algeria and it has a gas turbine.And we took enough experience from this project, forklift driver, hytorc, crane operator, bondalpolar and borescope a videoscope

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Rigger /crane operator/rigging lifting supervisor

Owner: SKT

09 Apr 2018 - 18 Apr 2020. about 2 years
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This project contains three gas turbines and three steam, alstom, we worked on it during construction, maintenance and shutdown. The best tools are lift tools, hytorc, lifting and handling rotor tools, borescope a videoscope and air turbine tools

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