Shishir Ravikrishna Uppangala

Linquip Level: Expert

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Project Engineer at protarget AG

Master of Science

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Experienced in design and calculation of Solar thermal systems, water treatment system and cooling water system for thermal power plants technical and commercial bid evaluation. I am well versed in integration of the solar thermal systems ( parabolic collectors, CPC, Flate plate collector with thermal storage system) for the industry process heat requirement.

Having interests in PV, CSP, thermal storage, and building energy efficiency (Heat pump system) from Master's degree in Energy Systems from Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Usage of softwares such as Dymola, Simulink, Ansys, VariCAD, greenius, SAM and MS Office.

Personality traits:

Open-minded, motivation to learn more, good interpersonal and communication skills, good with teamwork and coordinating the tasks.

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