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Algirdas Petreikis

Vilniaus, Lithuania

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I run the company BIOKONA, which is manufacturer and developer of Modular solutions for industrial and renewable energy projects in Lithuania and neighbor countries. Within 5 years BIOKONA has become a leader in the construction of biogas projects, modular solution development, production of technological equipment, consulting, designing and feasibility studies. We are focused in production of: 1. Containerized substrate pumping stations for biogas plants 200-2000 kWe 2. Modular biogas treatment units / activated carbon filters 50-2000m3 / h 3. Containerized compressor stations for biogas and natural gas 100-1500m3 / h 4. Containerized boiler houses for biogas and natural gas 300-2000 kW 5. Containerized separation units 6. Modular dryers for agricultural products and substrate after biogas 7. Feeding equipment for biogas plants 8. Modular landfill gas extraction systems



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