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Imtiaz Ahmed

Linquip Level: Intermediate

Kushtiya, Bangladesh

Automation Analyst at Factory IO

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1. Working with 5 MVA substation design. 2. Have strong knowledge of HT (High Tension) and LT (Low Tension) Related application. 3. I have knowledge of transformer related core application and mechanism. 4. Basic electrical knowledge, knowledge about faults and it's types, measuring instruments working and principles. 5. I have knowledge about ATS,Temperature control operation, RTC & RTD operation,Relay,MC,Timer selection & connection, Star-Delta,Phase Failure, Motor Forward/Reverse circuit,Limit switch, Proximity sensor, Photo sensor, Arduino micro-controller & programming. 6. I have knowledge about Cable, Breaker and Bus-Bar Auto-CAD, Earthing calculation and procedure, Lightening protection system, Energy meter connection & bill calculation. 9. PLC automation via Siemens TIA portal, PLCSIM, Delta ISPSOFT, Factory I/O etc,


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