Houston Bui

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Florida, United States

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Houston Bui is a Digital Marketing Expert. He helps businesses to build and execute marketing strategies based on behavioral marketing insights. If you are looking to better connect and communicate with customers without simply copying the competition, Houston Bui can help you. Houston Bui also spends much of his time mentoring students, helping them develop their ideas and grow their start-ups. Houston always strives to deliver results even with a small budget by using creative marketing methods.


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Digital marketing strategist


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Houston Bui is a specialist operating in all departments, providing an integrated approach to ensure you always achieve the best results. He always values communication and always stays connected with his clients. From extensive planning in the initial stages of the campaign through to monthly reports and results, he can benefit from industry expertise every step of the way. Houston Bui lives, sleeps, and breaths digitally and as time goes on, Absolute Digital Media will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of conventional search.https://www.architectmagazine.com/firms/houston-bui