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Juan Carlos Peña Orozco

Bolivar, Colombia


The Technician in Instrumentation and Control of Industrial Processes capable of repairing, maintaining, calibrating, adjusting and installing instruments for measuring and controlling industrial processes. Able to work in manufacturing and industrial processing companies, hydroelectric generation, petrochemicals, mining, metal mechanics, gas and oil and other industries. My main functions as an instrumentalist are: Industrial Instrumentalist capable of performing preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of the different measurement and control instruments found in the different industries, capable of working as a team and with good interpersonal relationships. The Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance Technologist is a professional expert in establishing operational activities and managing their execution for the diagnosis and performance of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and systems in the Industry. Monitor electrical and mechanical operating variables of systems and equipment in order to anticipate and prevent the possibility of failure. Improve a good or process by altering mechanical and electrical parameters.



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Oil &gas
Team work
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