William Pereira, Ph.D

Linquip Level: Advanced

Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Motor Control Engineer at Tecumseh Company LLC

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I have strong experience with embedded software (DSP and ARM) for AC drives. Focusing mainly on development and implemantation of the following topics:

- Speed and position estimation based on high frequency injection for low and standstill speed estimation (SynRM and PMSM).

- Deep high speed estimation based on discrete-time design (IMs, PMSMs and SynRM).

- Control methods for minimization of torque ripples in BLDC motors.

- Maximum Torque per Ampere (MTPA) for PMSM and SynRM based on FOC and DFVC.

- Deep Flux Weakening and Maximum Torque per Volt (MTPV) for PMSMs and SynRM.

- Model Predictive Control based on Finite-Control Set method (IMs, PMSMs and SynRMs).

• In addition, I have experience as a reviewer of scientific journals and academic production:

- Authored and co-authored 10 journals, including 7 IEEE Transactions.

- Authored and co-authored more than 20 national and international conference papers.

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Digital Signal Processing

Electrical machines

Induction Motors

Power Electronics

Motor Control


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