Vinit Sawant

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Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Technical Field Advisor - Gas Turbine at FieldCore (formerly Granite Services, Inc.)

Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical

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I am an egineering management professional with over 11+ years of expertise in managing operations & maintenance of wide range of industrial settings viz. Gas Turbines. I applies continuous improvement principles to increase process and maintenance efficiency. I exhibits a strong & firm approach to sustaining & encouraging safe work environments and demonstrated ability to streamline operations. I have expertise in handling implementation of plans & schedules for annual turnaround with focus on optimum utilization of manpower and materials. I have implemented cost saving measures to achieve substantial reduction in terms of raw materials, manpower and machine utilization.


• Scholarship - Thermal Power Scholarship Recipient (2019)-Cranfield University

• Awards - Compliance Award (2019), Best Quality Team Award (2019), Global EcoWeek Quiz (2017), Global Quality Quiz (2013) and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Essay Writing (2012)

• Certifications - Alstom Gas Turbine Service Engineer, Birr, Switzerland (2018), GE Gas Turbine Service Engineer, Houston, USA (2016), Vibration Analyst ISO level # 3, Noida, India (2011), Six Sigma Green Belt Professional, Secunderabad, India (2010) and Vibration Analyst level # 1, Bangalore, India (2010)

• Recognitions - As a Team Leader (2014), Individual Contributor for Process Improvement (2011) and Individual Contributor for Cost Saving Measures (2010)

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Shift Lead

Owner: GE

30 Sep 2016 - 14 Feb 2020. over 3 years
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This Gas Turbine System Modifications made to accommodate the SYNGAS as working fuel instead of Natural Gas to run 6 nos. 9E and 9nos. 6B frame Gas Turbine in the world’s largest refinery and petrochemical complex, operated. It became the first complex to successfully begin using synthesis gas (syngas) to operate 3of its 15 existing gas turbines.

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Field Engineer-Gas Turbine

Owner: GE

31 Jul 2013 - 30 Aug 2014. about 1 year
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This R&M of Frame 9E Gas Turbine facilitated the replacement of turbine’s & compressor’s existing internal components with upgraded one and alignment of all compressor and turbine casings (from Inlet casing to Exhaust casing) to enhance the life of Gas Turbine.

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