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Pedram Hanafizadeh

California, United States

Chief Executive Officer at Linquip Corporation

Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering

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Experienced Energy Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the energy and mechanical engineering industry. Skilled in Energy Equipment & Systems, Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Microfluidics, and Multiphase Flow. Strong technical, managerial and sales professionals.



CFD Modelling
Gas engine
Gas turbine
Heat recovery steam generator
Heat recovery systems
Technical Sales

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Pedram Hanafizadeh

Pedram Hanafizadeh

Added a New Post to Linquip

We're thrilled to announce that Linquip has partnered with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers #ASME and honored to promote the next Turbo Expo virtual event dated June 7 – 11. Join us for the second virtual conference and exhibition for the IGTI Division. This year will include over 800 presenting authors, exhibiting professionals representing gas turbine companies ready to share their products and services, a student poster competition showcasing rising turbomachinery engineers, and a ladies social bringing together the women in the turbomachinery industry.


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