Dr Ram Ramarathnam

Linquip Level: Expert

Tamil Nadu, India


50 years experience in Electric Motor design, manufacturing and quality. Induction motors, PMSM, PMDC brushed motors, Universal Motors, SR Motors & alternators for appliances, automotive and industrial applications.

20 years expertise in embedded motor controls. Extensive knowledge in power electronics and driver controls. Developed a large range of Field Oriented Controls.

Application focus on Sustainable Cooling Solutions for HVAC and Cold Storage. A range of DC appliances like Room Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, Walk-in Cold Rooms, Milk Chillers, etc have been developed. They operate directly from DC of solar panels.

Skills and Interests:

Renewable energy

Energy efficiency

Motor design

Power Electronics


Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Project Leader

Owner: Basil Energetics Private Limited

31 Dec 2014 - 21 Oct 2020. almost 6 years

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Photos and Videos:

Description of Basil DC system with Smart Nano Grid