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Batnah, Algeria

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10 Years Experience in Instrumentation & Electrical during construction, commissioning, start-up and Maintenance in many different Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical Industries. Expertise in handling Construction & Inspection activities in Projects. Well versant Standards, Recommended Practices in Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineering. Competency:- • Development of the Instruments/Electrical designs based on the process and instrument diagrams (P&I.D), single line diagrams (SLD), Equipment layout and in conjunction with the applicable company/international codes and practices, under consultation with the Lead designer. • Study of the vendor information related to the packages for appropriate integration into the layout design. • Preparation of the explanatory sketches for communication of comments/review findings in the inter-discipline drawings. • Work out/checking of the preliminary/intermediate/final Material take off (MTO) based on the drawings and consolidation along with surplus/shortage report in comparison with the preceding revision. • Checking of the drawings for the technical/quality compliance. • Preparation Instruments Location Layout, Instruments Logic Diagram, single line diagrams SLD, Cable Trench Layout, Cable Schedule, Loop Diagram, Wiring Diagram, instrument cable termination drawing (ICTD) for Junction box (JB) & Cabinet, Electrical and Pneumatic hookups. • Checking of the As-built drawings to ensure the incorporation of field deviations in the project drawings. • Coordination with the Document Control Center (DCC) for log of drawing and documentation.



Dcs engineering
Fluid measurement