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Jose G Rivas Muñoz

Louisiana, United States


-As rotating equipment engineer, I have provided technical support to maintenance and operations personnel regarding all the rotating equipment activities during all the life cycle of the asset, including best ways to operate the equipment, maintenance, Risk Based Inspection, failure analysis, RCA. All the recommendations and analysis have been performed according with the API standards. -I was involved in the installation of new Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine in 2013, including the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. My role in this project was leading the mechanical discipline including all the related piping, auxiliary equipment and turbine installation. -Responsible for all the technical support in major overhauls of large turbomachineries such as: Axial Compressors (FCC Unit Main Air Blower, two times), Hot Gas Turboexpander (FCC unit Power Recovery Train, four times), Horizontally split Centrifugal Compressor (FCC Unit Wet Gas Compressor, three times), Barrel Type Centrifugal Compressor (Two Times), Integrally Geared Air Compressors (Main Refinery Air Compressors, Seven times), Steam Turbines (Driving centrifugal compressors and electric generators). -Strong knowledge of many rotating equipment API standards such as: API 610, 611, 612, 614, 617, 618, 686, 682, 687, etc.



Knowledge of lubricants and lubrication systems
Power system expert
Strong knowledge of rotating equipment

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