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Manish Naik

Gujarat, India

Founder, Owner at SuGree Products


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SuGree Products stands for Sustainable Green Products, which was founded by Manish Naik, having over 30 years of experience in the field of product design, manufacturing, and Validation. He realized the scarcity of expertise needed for developing Green Products which is a need of the day to combat the challenge of Global Warming. Hence, he formed a team of experts to dedicate their knowledge and expertise to this noble cause. SuGree Team which consists of Highly Experienced Engineers from various fields specialize in designing and developing products for a better world. Sun is a source of clean and free energy. Our innovative solution converts Sunshine into Electrical Energy for instant use and also stores it for reliable 24x7 availability. SuGree Campsite Mini+ Powerbox Solar Generator is Awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and is now a part of #1000Solutions! It is an efficient alternative to petrol/diesel/gas generators. Get rid of noisy, polluting and expensive Fossil Fuel Generator Sets! Go Green! Helping people to switch over to Renewable Energy is our Passion. We develop innovative products in the area of Renewable Energy, Products from industrial and Renewable Energy Waste. Our products : -SuGree Campsite - Solar Generator with battery storage, -SuGree Solar Bench and -SuGree Table. We are based out of Vadodara, India. Rather than recreating the infrastructure for manufacturing and adding up to Carbon Footprints, we leverage on the vast network of 5000 small & medium engineering vendors in and around our city.


Solar Generator



Innovative design
Manufacturing Heavy Engineering
Renewable energy
Solar Energy Design and Implementation
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Manufactured and Installed at the site

Owner: Alkesh Shah

31 Aug 2020 - 09 Sep 2020. 9 days
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The construction company was using diesel generators for our 30 to 50 workers’ room. The daily cost of diesel was around 800 to 1000 rs. Moreover, stocking diesel was another hassle. With SuGree Solar Generator, they could get rid of diesel generators completely. Within one year savings have returned the investment cost. Most importantly, now they face no power issues! It powers our site office and utilities during the day and our worker colony gets power at night. Switching to SuGree’s Solar Generator was truly a cost-effective and practical decision. Since it is fully portable, the same generator will light up all our future projects.

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Manufactured and Installed at the site

Owner: Father Jolly

24 Jun 2020 - 29 Jun 2020. 5 days
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The Xavier Green School. Located in a remote area in Vadodara. They used to face the problem of broken, frequently failing power supply grid. The Sugree Solar Generator solved these problems for us. The stored solar power from the generator system now drives a pump to lift water from a nearby Pond to fill up 10,000 Litres of Tank 2 to 3 times a day for watering Tree Plantations. Additionally, it also powers 2 Worker’s Homes 24x7, avoiding daily blackouts. We are very satisfied with the product.

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