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Screw Pump for Sale 


Screw pumps, also called water screws, are positive displacement pumps that rely on one or more screws to move liquids and solids along their axes. Due to the screw pump's positive displacement nature, the liquid is continuously displaced from the space it occupies. For driving the screw pump, two counter rotating screws are utilized. The rotating screws, in this case, are set to rotate toward each other.

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What Are Screw Pumps Used For?


Screw pumps are the standard solution for vacuum processes in industrial settings. Typically, the food processing industry uses oil-free screw pumps for food drying, packaging, or freeze-drying in order to avoid contaminating the pump oil with water or debris from the process. In large coating operations, such as architectural glass coaters, screw pumps serve as roughing pumps for high vacuum pumps. In addition, screw pumps are ideal for regenerating large cryopumps.


How Much Pressure Does a Screw Pump Produce?


In contrast to gear pumps, screw pumps can handle much higher pressures and flows. A gear pump is limited to 250 m3/hr up to 16 bar while a twin-screw pump is limited to 500 m3/hr up to 16 bar, and a four-screw pump is limited to 1500 m3/hr up to 80 bar.


How to Choose a Proper Screw Pump?


Pumping action will be influenced by the geometry of the single screw or multiple screws as well as the drive speed. You can calculate screw pumps' capacity by considering:

  • Pump dimensions
  • The dimensions of the screw surfaces
  • The rotational speed of the rotor, as a specific volume is transferred with every revolution


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