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Fire Hydrant for Sale

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Fire Hydrant Pump for Sale


When the mains pressure is insufficient or the hydrant is tank fed, fire hydrant pump systems (a type of Industrial Pump also known as fire pumps, hydrant boosters, or fire water pumps) are used to increase a building's fire fighting capacity by raising the pressure in the hydrant service. Irrigation and water transfer applications are also possible using these pumps. A fire pump is an important part of a fire sprinkler system because it permits high-pressure water to enter the system, allowing the water flow rate to be increased. There are a great deal of manufacturers that provide Fire Hydrant Pumps for sale, of which you can find a great deal of Fire Hydrant Pump Suppliers and Companies in Linquip.


Is a Fire Pump Required?


A fire pump is necessary to satisfy the flow and pressure demands of fire suppression systems when there is insufficient water supply. A fire pump is required if the supply cannot keep up with the demand. On the other hand, a fire pump isn't required if the water supply meets the required pressure and flow.


How Do I Choose a Fire Pump?


  • Obtain information on the fire department's water supply.
  • Calculate the amount of flow necessary.
  • Calculate the pressure that is necessary.
  • Calculate the amount of pressure boost you'll need.
  • Choose a pump with a flow requirement of between 100 and 150 percent of the rated flow.
  • Choose a pump with a performance curve that provides enough pressure boost for the flow requirement.