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Valves are mechanical devices for controlling the flow and pressure in a system or process. They are vital components of piping utilities that convey gases, liquids, vapors, slurries, etc. Different varieties of valves are available include gate, plug, ball, globe, butterfly, check, diaphragm, pressure relief, pinch, control valves, etc. Every type has several models, each with distinct features and functional abilities. Some Valves are self-operated, while others are manually or with a pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical actuator. Valves can be found practically in every industrial process, such as general purposes, water and sewage processing, power generation, mining, oil, gas, petroleum, chemical, plastic manufacturing, food manufacturing, and many other fields. We can name Valve & Parts as crucial components of Industrial Equipment & Tools, which can be seen in every application. You can find and compare lots of Valves & Parts for Sale in Linquip. You can also find Valves & Parts prices & costs along with used devices. Since there are a wide variety of Valves & Parts with an extensive range of applications, You may need to have a consultant about the product and its type. Linquip team and Valves Experts are ready to clarify your doubts about each kind based on your application demands.

FAQ About Valves & Parts:


Why Should I Use Valves?


Valves are mechanical devices that control the stream of fluid and pressure in a system or process. A valve regulates the system or processes fluid flow and pressure by offering any of the following functions.

  1. Controlling the path of fluid flow
  2. Varying the amount of fluid flow
  3. Stopping and starting fluid flow
  4. Controlling downstream system or process pressure
  5. Relieving component or overpressure piping 

What is the Safety Valve?


Description of a safety valve based on the DIN EN ISO 4126-1: A Safety valve is a valve that automatically, without the help of any external energy, discharges a volume of the fluid. It is all for preventing a predetermined safe pressure from being exceeded. It is intended to reclose and prevent the additional flow of fluid after normal pressure provisions of service have been restored.


What is the Purpose of an Air Valve?


Modern air valves present four functions:


  1. Large Air Volumes out: when loading the pipeline
  2. Vacuum Protection: when pipelines are draining
  3. Pressurized Air Release: when lines are full of water
  4. Surge Alleviation: prevention and control of potentially damaging pressure spikes