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Butterfly Valve for Sale


Butterfly valves have a quarter-turn rotational motion for stopping, regulating, and starting flow. With a 90° rotation of the handle, the valve is completely closed or opened. Large butterfly valves are Industrial Tools & Equipment that usually come with a gearbox, a device that connects a handwheel with a stem via gears.

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Why Should I Use a Butterfly Valve?


Butterfly valves have some distinct advantages over other counterparts, including longer operating life, reduced pressure drop, easy operation, versatility, being lightweight, being smaller physically, and a lower cost.


Does It Matter Which Way You Install a Butterfly Valve?


Although the butterfly valves are bi-directional, there is a preferred flow direction. Installing valves in the preferred direction of flow is recommended since this will extend their life and lower their torque.


How Much Does a Butterfly Valve Cost?


Butterfly valves are generally 40% cheaper than iron gate valves, not only in terms of their initial costs but also in terms of their installation costs. Butterfly valves that are properly installed are virtually self-cleaning and are much less susceptible to failure from trash buildup.


How to Choose a Proper Butterfly Valve?


A properly sized, measured, and selected high-performance butterfly valve will undoubtedly deliver reliable and accurate fluid flow to the specified system. It is crucial to choose the right size and measurement of a butterfly valve to maximize plant efficiency. This follows an increase in your business' profitability and a notable return on investment. Linquip has Butterfly Valve Experts who can help you with any question you have about butterfly valves, including determining which one is right for your application.