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Control Valve for Sale


Control valves are valves that vary the size of the flow passage in response to a controller's signal. As a result, the flow rate can be directly controlled, and, in turn, pressure, temperature, and liquid level can also be controlled. Control valves are pieces of Industrial Equipment that control the flow of a fluid, such as water, gas, steam, or chemical compounds, using a set point to compensate for disturbances caused by the load. You can find information about control valve companies in Linquip, along with their contact details.


What Is the Size of a Control Valve?


As a rule of thumb, control valves should operate between 20 and 80% open at maximum flow rates and not less than 20% open at minimum flow rates.


How Do You Calibrate a Pneumatic Control Valve?


In order to perform the calibration, you must first supply 4 milliamps (mA) for zero setting. Using the flapper, you'll adjust the span by supplying 20 mA. Once you've completed the span adjustment, check to ensure it's zero. If necessary, repeat the process.


How to Choose the Right Control Valve?


Choosing the right control valve for a process involves considering several factors, including the valve's flow characteristic, size, noise, cavitation potential, the valve's body and trim material, actuator size and type, and dynamic response to any changes in the control signal. In general, the choice depends on the pressure and temperature conditions and the application. Linquip has Control Valve Experts that can help you determine what control valve will be right for your application, as well as answer any questions you might have.