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Actuators are components of machines that move and control mechanisms or systems, such as by opening the valves. Simply put, they move parts. Actuators are Industrial Equipment & Tools used by control systems to carry out operations and tasks. Our daily lives are filled with actuators, from electric door locks in cars to ailerons on aircraft. Controlling industrial process equipment requires actuators to operate valves, dampers, fluid couplings, and other devices. A motive power source for industrial actuators can be air, hydraulic fluid, or electricity. You can find several suppliers offering actuators for Sale in Linquip, along with their contact information and prices & costs.


What is an Actuator?


As a part of a machine or device, an actuator converts energy, such as electrical, air, or hydraulic power, into mechanical force.


How do you size an actuator?


An actuator needs to be correctly sized based on these factors:


  1. Minimum and maximum supply pressure
  2. Valve torque
  3. Actuator type
  4. Fail mode


How to choose a proper actuator?


In selecting an actuator type (pneumatic or electric), it is important to determine the most efficient power source for the actuator. Several factors are worth considering:


  1. Availability of power sources
  2. The torque applied to the valve stem
  3. in the event of failure
  4. Control accessories
  5. Operation speed
  6. Operation frequency
  7. Environment
  8. Valve size
  9. Costs of system components
  10. Maintenance


The decision to automate a valve is generally based on different considerations, such as safety, reliable operation, inaccessible or remote valve location, etc. If you need help selecting the right actuator for your purpose, our Actuator Experts in Linquip will provide you with the best advice on how to determine which actuator will serve your purpose.