DIC TOOLS is the world’s leading Cutting Tools Manufacturer and Exporter based in India

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DIC Tools offers a complete range of Solid Carbide Cutting Tools for a wide variety of technology requirements. We have a selection of highly-productive Solid Carbide manufacturing Tools for the following applications:

1.Solid Carbide End Mills – Solid Carbide End Mills are extremely heat-resistant and used for high-speed applications on some of the hardest materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous metals, alloys and plastics.

2.Solid Carbide Drills-Solid carbide drills are designed especially for deep hole drilling and metalworking of steel, stainless steel, hardened steel.

3.Solid Carbide Spiral Router Bits- Solid carbide spiral tools produce the great edge qualities of any cutting tool design available. Additionally solid carbide router bits produce great edge qualities at the quick feed rates possible with any type of routing tools.

4.Other Solid Carbide Tools- We offer various types of tools to our clients.

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