Arak Refinery Siemens SGT700 Gas Turbo Generator Overhaul - Level C

Behrooz Heidari Dehkordi

Gas Turbine Specialist

Project Manager, Mechanical Supervisor

Owner: Arak Refinery IKORC

17 Jan 2020 - 09 Nov 2020. 10 months

Arak, Markazi, Iran

40000 hours service for Siemens SGT700 Turbo-Generator includes: replacing CT1 and CT2 blades and vanes, Combustion Chamber. In addition, because of unacceptable condition of Turbine and compressor bearings, they all replaced by new ones. All dis-assembled parts were inspected too for probable damage. According to our team hard work and precise inspection, the Turbo-Generator has been working perfectly.