34.5kW Solar Grid Interactive Minigrid

Emmanuel J.Lyatuu

Solar Engineer

Solar Engineer

Contractor: Schneider Electric

Owner: Salesians of Don Bosco AFE Province

18 Dec 2019 - 21 Feb 2020. 2 months

Iringa, Iringa, Tanzania

This is a grid interactive solar minigrid with capacity 34.5 kW.It is intended to run the daily loads at Don Bosco Youth Training Centre Iringa and does so by interacting with the grid.When there is excess it pushes back to grid and when there is deficit it allows grid support. I participated in all Installation activities.All 108 Solar Panels of 320W each,the three heavy duty XW inverters and their MPPTs,the CL25000NE 25kVA inverter,the ComBox,the armored cables,the earthing system etc.