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RFQ LNQ-22081064

Aug 05, 2022
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RFQ Details:
category:Heavy Duty Generator
request Type:Buy Equipment
quantity:3 Piece(s)
trade Terms:EXW
quote Purpose:Retail
description:To whom it may concern, I would like to request a quote for the given requirements. Used Atlas Copco QAS200 Generator with production year 2015 or later. The quantity required is 3 pieces. Dimensions [L × W × H] (mm): 3770 x 1200 x 1880 Frequency (Hz): 60 Power (kW): 180 Voltage (V): 480 Power Factor: 0.8 Power (kVA): 225 Weight (kg) : 3292 Fuel Consumption (liter/hr): 49 Min. Operating Temperature (C): -25 Max. Operating Temperature (C): 50 Sound Power (dB): 99 Fuel Tank Capacity (liter): 1470

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