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Battery Fullriver DC260-12 AGM Sealed 12V 260Ah Battery

Solar BatteriesQuantity: 100
Texas, United States
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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine KLiUX DRAGON (VAWT) 5kW (3 phase)

Vertical Wind TurbineQuantity: 2
Punjab, Pakistan
Total Solution
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Power Plant Systems category

Power Plant SystemsQuantity: 600
Ontario, Canada
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Sevatti LLC

Sevatti LLC

Sevatti Jewelry, based in New York, offers fashionable and stylish jewelry for those who love modern style. Since 2018, Sevatti has been providing trendy neckwear, wristwear, and handwear to their clients online. With a mission to enhance elegance without breaking the bank, the founders, Dominic and Blake, have seen wild success, having shipped over 100,000 pieces of jewelry worldwide. Sevatti looks forward to opening their own physical location in New York in 2024. Discover affordable elegance with Sevatti Jewelry. Visit:-

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Jake Seal

Jake Seal

Jake Seal is a well-known figure in the film industry, having made a significant impact with his pioneering work in cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary production methods. With expertise in 3D stereoscopic, advanced 3D live action holograms, AR, VR, and Virtual Set Technologies, he has produced successful films and been responsible for numerous technology world firsts. Jake's dedication to his craft has earned him the opportunity to lecture and give master classes around the world, including at the prestigious CERN in Switzerland. Visit:-

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Pamela Bardhi

Pamela Bardhi

Pamela Bardhi is a true underdog, having overcome significant challenges to achieve tremendous success in the real estate industry. From delivering pizzas, she worked her way up to become a real estate developer and, by the age of 27, was featured in Forbes and Time Magazine for her incredible 9-figure real estate career. Today, she has shifted her focus to help others reach their potential, as a real estate and performance coach. Through her podcast, Underdog, Pam shares her insights and expertise, inspiring listeners in over 81 countries to live life with purpose, abundance, and balance. Join the thousands who have been empowered by Pam and learn how you too can unleash your full potential. Visit:-

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