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Gate Valve for Sale


When a gate valve opens, it lifts a barrier from the path of liquid motion. A gate valve takes up relatively little space along a pipe's axis and hardly blocks the flow of fluid when fully opened. Most gates have wedge-shaped faces, but they can be parallel. It is generally used as Industrial Equipment to completely halt fluid flow or allow for full flow in pipelines when fully open. There are several companies in Linquip that offer gate valves for sale. For more information on Prices & Costs, call us today.


Can a Gate Valve Be Repaired?


Repairing a malfunctioning gate valve is not difficult, but preventing it is easier still. The cause of these problems is normally mineral buildup, so your gate valves should be closed and opened each few months to prevent problems.


Can a Gate Valve Fail?


Gate valves fail most commonly due to wear and corrosion. Over time, gate valves deteriorate. Furthermore, corrosion can cause a disc to stick in both open and closed positions. By forcing the handle, the stem leading from it to the disc will often break.


How to Choose the Proper Gate Valve?


Avoid costly replacements by purchasing a durable gate valve. Consider these five factors to make the right choice:


  • Wedge design: A gate valve's wedge provides the seal, so it is crucial.
  • Rubber quality: Rubber quality plays an important role in the durability and performance of the valve.
  • External corrosion protection: Keeping the valve's external surfaces free of corrosion is vital for its life.
  • Tight construction: Stem sealing and bonnet/body sealing are two important design issues.
  • General performance: You must pay attention to the operating and closing torque when operating a gate valve, whether you use a handwheel or an electric actuator. 


Gate Valve Experts in Linquip can answer any queries you might have about your gate valve purchase.