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Plug Valves for Sale


A Plug Valve is a cylinder or cone-shaped valve that can be rotated inside the valve body to control fluid flow. One or more hollow channels are commonly positioned horizontally in plug valves to allow easy flow through the valve while it is open. The two-port plug valve, which has an open and closed state, is the most popular. Plug Valves are an essential component of using Industrial Tools. Plug Valves are available from a variety of manufacturers, and Linquip has a big assortment of Plug Valves for sale.


What is a Plug Valve Used For?


Plug valves are quarter-turn manual motion valves that are used to stop or start the flow of fluid. They are typically available in cylindrical or conical designs. They provide services such as on-off, redirecting, and basic moderate throttling. There is no contact between the body and the seals during rotation, and when the valve is closed, the slips expand onto the body seat to protect the seals from wear and abrasion.


How Much Does a Plug Valve Cost?


Plug valves use less energy than standard rectangular port designs because they have greater Cv values and lower head loss. As a result, they reduce pumping's environmental impact and save energy. The NSF-approved epoxy coating on the interior and outside of the valves provides exceptional corrosion resistance. AWWA C517 specifications apply to all valves.


For example:


AWWA Plug Valve, 24" Flanged with Worm Gear and 2" Nut

Improved flow and solids passing with a round port plug

Raw sewage slurries, sludge, and sewage gas flow control

Price: $11,815.95


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