Banner Ads Position

    Banner ads

    Banner ads are placed in high-traffic locations of top-ranked Linquip blog articles, creating brand awareness and generating click-throughs, purchases, and leads. These high-visibility locations include the front, bottom, or side-bar of an article; places where the eyes of browsers usually wander.

    Features of the Best Banner Ads

    The best banner ads have the following features:
    • Simple yet eye-catching
    • Use interactive elements and designs
    • Blend in well with the content on the website
    • Have a Call-To-Action (CTA)
    • Do not cram a lot of information

    Banner Ads Pricing on Linquip:

    • Sidebar Ads: (370× 300): 1000$/year
    • Ads above content: (740×140(160)): 3000$/year
    • In-content ads: (740×140(160)): 2000$/year
    • Prices are per year
    • Prices are per page, (you can choose the article related to your advertisement)
    • There are 3 different positions at each article with different prices
    • The traffic of each article on our blog is a minimum of 30 organic Click per day and a maximum of 300
    • We can not add banners to “Sponsored Posts”
    • Payment is only possible through PayPal or through the website
    • No Casino/No adult/ No CBD/No Digital Currency ads
    • We publish the Ads within 2 days after the payment
    • The client website should be a validated, heavy-industry related, and high-quality Page with acceptable GOOGLE E-A-T
    • Please, contact our Advertising department for details.

    [email protected]

    Why Choose Linquip for Banner Ads?

    Linquip is an industry-focused platform for equipment manufacturers, industrial customers, service providers, industry-savvies, and researchers. Linquip is the only platform that covers all industrial fields. Companies and individuals are able to promote their equipment, company brand, and events. Linquip blog is the most valuable and comprehensive site in the global market, featuring content and resources that are not available elsewhere. We have more than 1000 industry-related articles on our blog, where you can find the latest information. These articles are around pollution, industrial equipment, industrial suppliers and manufacturers, business, energy, marketing, tech, and ….You can find the proper article for the banner you want to add.

    Read and Accept the Guideline

    Before submitting a proposed banner ad, please ensure that all guidelines and considerations have been followed, otherwise Linquip will not publish the ad and it needs to be revised before publishing by the customer.
    • The content/image should be related to the heavy industry/equipment space. (business industry + business)
    • The client website (do-follow link) should be a validated and high-quality Page with acceptable GOOGLE E-A-T
    Website Ads may be WebP(recommended), GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, or third-party tags that Google Ad Manager accepts.
    • HTML5, third-party tags, and rich media ads must all serve from secure (HTTPS) servers.
    • Third-party impression tracking and click tags are acceptable.
    • Digital Ad file size no larger than 50 KB; Billboard 970×250 max file size: 200 KB; Recommended animation length: 10 sec. and 18 FPS; Rich media and initial video load: 50 KB; Subsequent polite file load: 100 KB; User-initiated file load: 1 MB We reserve the right to either reject or downsize files submitted that are larger than the requirements stated above.
    • The post will be published within 3 working days

    By purchasing this package you have confirmed Linquip’s guidelines.