HVDC vs HVAC Transmission Systems

    HVDC vs HVAC Transmission Systems- Difference between them

    Hvdc vs Hvac Transmission Systems- The electricity produced in a power generating source is employed over long paths to use in an electrical substation...
    Advantages of Alternating Current

    What are the Advantages of Alternating Current?

    Advantages of Alternating Current- Alternating Current (AC) is a certain form of electric current generally employed in businesses and homes. Contrary to Direct Current...
    advantages of ac over dc

    What are the Advantages of AC over DC?

    Advantages of AC over DC- We all are aware of the basic definition of Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). There are particular...

    What is the Difference between Direct Current and Alternating Current?

    Difference between Direct current and Alternating current- One of the important differences between direct current and alternating current is that the polarity and the...
    difference between permanent magnet and electromagnet

    Difference Between Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet

    The difference between permanent magnet and electromagnet is in their strengths and fields. The magnetic field of a permanent magnet is always constant, but...
    difference between fdm and tdm

    Difference Between FDM and TDM: Basic Points

    The principal difference between FDM and TDM is the way of transmitting multiple signals in the realm of time and frequency. Both FDM and...

    Difference Between Grounding and Earthing

    Grounding and earthing are two similar cases. However, there are some items to describe the difference between grounding and earthing. The principal difference between...
    Phase Shift Oscillator

    What is Phase Shift Oscillator?

    A Phase Shift Oscillator is an electronic type of oscillator circuit that generates wave output in sine format. It can either be modeled by...
    Equivalent Circuit of Transformer

    What is the Equivalent Circuit of Transformer?

    Equivalent Circuit of Transformer is an electrical circuit explanation of equations representing the behavior of that Transformer. In fact, an equivalent circuit of any...
    potentiometer connection

    Potentiometer Connection, Working, Circuit Diagram, & Wiring Guide

    Potentiometer Connection- The potentiometer is a handy small instrument that you practically should understand how to utilize. It is employed in systems a lot,...