Pelton Wheel

    Pelton Wheel | Parts, Types, Working Principle and Efficiency

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    Types of Turbines: Classifications and Types

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    Types of Propellers, Historical Development, and The Ways of Their Construction

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    How Fast Does a Wind Turbine Spin? The Surprising Answer

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    Impulse Turbine: Working Principle, Components, and Types

    Generally, Hydro turbines are classified into two groups based on how the energy is exchanged between the fluid and the turbine: impulse turbines and...
    Cross-flow turbine

    Cross-Flow Turbine: Working Principle, Components, and Advantages

    The Cross-flow turbine is a hydro turbine constructed and developed by Anthony Michell, Donát Bánki, and the Fritz Ossberger. The turbine was first introduced...
    Francis turbine - Linquip

    An Ultimate Guide to Francis Turbine

    With about 60% of the global hydropower capacity in the world, Francis turbines are the most widely used type of hydro turbine. A Francis...
    draft tube

    Draft Tube: A Basic Guide to The Types, Function And Efficiency

    A draft tube is an integral part of a turbine. It helps to get water from the reaction turbines smoothly. However, this is only...
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    Types of Wind Turbines: The Quick and Easy Intro

    Wind turbines harvest the renewable source of wind’s energy, but there are various types of wind turbines some of which could be used for...