how do wind turbines generator work

    How Do Wind Turbine Generators Work?

    How do Wind Turbine Generators Work? Wind turbines commonly operate on a simple principle: instead of employing the electricity to create wind—such as a...
    How Does a Steam Turbine Work

    How Does a Steam Turbine Work? A Simple Descriptive Guide

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    Types of Steam Turbine

    Types of Steam Turbine: An easy-to-understand and practical Classification

    In this article, we are going to have a look at the types Steam Turbine. All steam turbines are made up of the same...
    Steam Turbine Parts

    Steam Turbine Parts: A Comprehensive and understandable Introduction to All Components

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    steam turbine efficiency

    Steam Turbine Efficiency: Complete Explanation

    The steam turbine efficiency can be defined as the ratio of the turbine useful output energy to the energy to which it is delivered....
    difference between pump and turbine

    Difference Between Pump and Turbine

    In this article, an explanation of the difference between pumps and turbines, two widely used water machines in the industry will be given. First,...
    Turgo turbine

    What is Turgo Turbine and How does it Work?

    The Turgo turbine was first designed in 1919 by a young engineer named Eric Crewdson who graduated from McGill University in Canada. He came...

    Differences between Pelton, Francis, and Kaplan Turbine

    Here we will talk about the differences between Pelton, Francis, and Kaplan Turbines. To understand these concepts better, let's take a look at some...
    Pelton Wheel

    Pelton Wheel | Parts, Types, Working Principle and Efficiency

    We want to talk about the Pelton wheel turbine as an impulse turbine. As you know, there are various types of water turbines according...
    Types of turbines

    Types of Turbines: Classifications and Types

    Different types of turbines are developed to extract mechanical energy from hydraulic energy to generate electricity. There are several ways to explain the types...