The10 Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking in 2023

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2023 – An excellent CNC machine may enhance your woodworking output and enable you to create things that would be challenging to accomplish manually with any power tool.

The best CNC router for a woodworking application depends on whether you’re a hobbyist seeking to perform simple wood carving or if you’re doing some significant production work, despite the fact that there are several good CNC routers on the market today.

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This list was created after careful examination of all best CNC router options for woodworking and comparing them based on a range of criteria, including overall stiffness, carving abilities, simplicity of assembly, software, speeds, drive mechanism, feeds, and the work area they offer.

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The CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2023

10 Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking include:

  • Sintron CNC 3018 Pro Router Kit
  • 2020B Mini CNC Engraving Machine
  • VEVOR CNC Wood Router for Hobbyists
  •  JFT 60130 CNC Wood Router For Beginners
  • TEN-HIGH 6090 CNC Router
  • CNC 3020 Wood Carving Engraving Router
  • Next Wave 10022 Shark HD510 CNC Router
  • JFT 6090 CNC Router For Wood
  • Bobs CNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit
  • 3018-SE V2 CNC Router Machine

1. Sintron CNC 3018 Pro Router Kit

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
Sintron CNC 3018 Pro Router Kit (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Easily put together
  • Clearly written instructions
  • Decent value
  • A steep learning curve



Brand Sintron
Platform Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Graphics Card Interface Integrated

Product Description

Your safety is important to Sintron, thus for the 2020 model, it created an enhanced adaptor. The adapter is of good quality and may be used continuously for extended periods. This DIY CNC router has an ER11-style chuck and a 775 spindle motor, both of which are quite effective and enable quick woodworking.

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The essential parts of this CNC router are clamps, the spindle motor, the control board, the stepper motor, the power supply, the end mills, and the collets. The finest CNC router for beginners is one that allows them to easily set up and follow clear setup instructions to begin their learning process. Upgrade the components after your device is built using the supplied parts for higher manufacturing volume and quality.

Anything softer than wax may be cut and inscribed with the Sintron router kit with efficiency. Just remember that you must exercise patience when operating it. Your annoyance may cause spindle damage.

The Sintron 3018 Pro CNC router kit’s ability to cut both horizontally and vertically makes it ideal for creating a variety of patterns, which is its most impressive feature. You can carve detailed graphics, signboards, and even 3D creations with this 3-axis CNC router.


2. 2020B Mini CNC Engraving Machine

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
2020B Mini CNC Engraving Machine (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Aid the GRBL system
  • The USB interface is practical
  • Possess a high-speed spindle
  • A few installation guidelines



Spindle Motor 300W
Resolution ratio 0.0125 mm
Table structure 10mm PCB
MAX. moving speed 4000 mm/min

Product Description

The 2020B Mini CNC engraving machine, which has dimensions of 400*430*350 mm, is made by KHYOPE. It has a 300W high-speed spindle motor that is effective for any woodcutting activity, including drilling, engraving, and cutting.

Like other routers, this DIY CNC router runs on G-coding-based instructions, and the system is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

The inexpensive DIY CNC router supports all enthusiast woodworkers with desktop or laptop PCs and shares a USB interface.

The 200*200*60mm effective engraving area enables easy working with the ideal surface polish.


3. VEVOR CNC Wood Router for Hobbyists

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
VEVOR CNC Wood Router for Hobbyists (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Includes a controller for offline use
  • Accepts the G-code system
  • Firm arrangement
  • It is unable to switch components for an upgrade.



Manufacturer VEVOR
Item Weight ‎16.7 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎22.1 x 18.5 x 4.7 inches
Power Source 70

Product Description

There are 5 various variants of the Vevor CNC 3018 pro, each with subtle variations based on usage. The DIY CNC router is made of Bakelite and aluminum, which provides durability. Since all of its parts are permanent, alignment and placement are simplified, improving accuracy and surface smoothness.

The Vevor CNC router kit promotes efficient manufacturing thanks to its 11.8″ x 7.1″ x 1.8″ effective working surface. Additionally, the driving unit includes T8 screw rods made of stainless steel grade 304, ensuring the device’s durability and long-term use.

The Vevor CNC router kit has an offline controller and GRBL compatibility, which promotes limitless file downloads and simple manual spindle manipulation. The 42 stepper motors increase the CNC’s versatility and efficiency in a variety of applications.

A USB connector on this DIY CNC router enables flexible control as well. Along with this, Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10 are supported by the tiny laser engraver.

4. JFT 60130 CNC Wood Router For Beginners

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
JFT 60130 CNC Wood Router For Beginners (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Engraving machine with four axes.
  • Very exact and precise in operation, up to 0.033mm
  • Is equipped with a water cooling system.
  • Permits working a lot of hours
  • Less clamor



Effective working travel 600(X)mm*1300(Y)mm*110(Z)mm
Frame materials Hard aluminum alloy 6061
Acceptable material thickness 150mm

Product Description

JFT is a product of the renowned Jessica brand, which is known for producing sturdy constructions appropriate for mass manufacturing. Its cutting area is 600 x 1300 x 110 mm, and its operating travel is 110 mm.

This outstanding CNC router is built for industrial use, which is why it has automatic spray cutting and a water cooling system that improves its capacity to operate for extended periods of time without becoming tired.

This CNC router is a 4-axis device that can engrave precisely. Limit switches are also included, which improves the safety features for easy usage.

Due to its high-speed spindle, it can produce goods quickly and precisely. Additionally, this CNC woodworking router supports G-codes and virtually all Windows operating systems and is very user-friendly. The package also comes with everything you need to get your woodworking business off the ground.

5. TEN-HIGH 6090 CNC Router

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
TEN-HIGH 6090 CNC Router (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Extremely exact
  • Consists of a fourth axis that aids in the capacity to engrave spells.
  • Containing a USB port
  • It is a solidly constructed system.
  • A pricey set up



Working Travel 600*900*125mm
Item weight 260 pounds
Engraving Precision 0.03mm

Product Description

Ten-High is the right choice for you if you’re a skilled carpenter and willing to spend your money on a DIY CNC router that looks good. It comprises an engraving machine, control box, engraving tools, spindle wrench, USB cable, power cord, machine connection line, pressure plate, and water pump as part of a full setup that is long-lasting and doesn’t require any adjustment.

With the help of this amazing CNC DIY router’s 4th axis, you can precisely engrave furniture, décor items, hoardings, and other home things. However, bear in mind that this will put a strain on your finances.

It offers an extraordinarily broad working surface of 1135 x 700mm and a high-speed spindle power of 1500W that encourages speedy operations. A sturdy and impact-resistant aluminum alloy was used to build the whole construction.

This CNC router for woodworking features a USB connector and supports the Mach 3 control program. This grand construction is very user-friendly and works well with practically all laptops and computer systems, giving you the highest precision and accuracy possible.

6. CNC 3020 Wood Carving Engraving Router

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
CNC 3020 Wood Carving Engraving Router (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • The precision of up to 0.05mm.
  • 9000 RPM high-speed spindle with adjustable functionality
  • Since it is entirely pre-built, there are no assembly problems.
  • Both enthusiasts and business people can use it.
  • Complex architecture
  • A steep learning curve



Power 400 W
Working Area 300x200x80 mm
Precision 0.05mm
Cooling Air
Weight 19 kg

Product Description

In the world of CNC manufacturing, Purewords is a well-known brand. Although it comes in a variety of variants, including the 3018 and 3040, the CNC 3020 wood carving and engraving machine is now the favorite among woodworkers.

This CNC router has a large working surface of 300 x 200 x 800mm and a high moving spindle with a 9000 RPM spindle, making it appropriate for beginners, enthusiasts, and experts alike. Its remarkable feature is that you can quickly modify the spindle speed to meet your needs.

The JFT 60130 CNC wood router cannot match the 0.05 mm precision of the Purewords CNC 3020, which is a modified version of the 3018 model.

The gantry type construction has a formal, industrial appearance and is solidly constructed. It has 57 stepper motors, making it more efficient than many of the other types included in this list. The DIY CNC is simple to use with practically any version of Microsoft Windows and supports the GRBL controller.

The CNC 3020 wood router’s ability to do away with the trouble of assembly is its most amazing feature. Every time you need to use the machine, all you have to do is plug in the switchboard, which is a fully assembled configuration. Drilling, excavating, cutting, and carving tasks are encouraged by the fourth axis, also known as the rotary axis.

7. Next Wave 10022 Shark HD510 CNC Router

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
Next Wave 10022 Shark HD510 CNC Router (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Strong and sturdy construction.
  • Equipped with a number of precision-enhancing linear guides and an anti-backlash mechanism.
  • Contains carbide V-bits to increase the cutting tool’s durability.
  • Warranty for two years
  • Continual technical assistance
  • Cooling system using water
  • A very expensive object



Package Dimensions 38 x 36.5 x 24.5 inches
Item Weight 50 pounds
Manufacturer Manufacturer

Product Description

Undoubtedly, the Next wave HD510 router is the most in-demand piece of equipment now available in the woodworking sector. It fits both a small hobbyist workshop and a large manufacturing facility with ease. It has a sturdy aluminum gantry construction and robust legs of industrial quality that prevent the router from swaying during high-speed machining.

With its anti-backlash mechanism, the Shark HD510 is a true representation of its name and offers you razor-sharp precision. Additionally, it has an interlocking aluminum table, linear guide rails, and several clamps that allow the machine to precisely secure the work piece while milling. The finest CNC woodworking router is compatible with a variety of routers on the market. It also has a 24′′ × 24′′ x 7′′ effective travel.

The Next wave CNC router also comes with a complete set of tools for woodworking operations. Additionally, it has the most recent version of Vectric VCarve Desktop software and carbide bits for long-lasting performance and a stable bidding experience.

8. JFT 6090 CNC Router For Wood

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
JFT 6090 CNC Router For Wood (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Equipped with a dust cover and a water cooling system.
  • The new hybrid stepper motor is speedy and energy-efficient.
  • The silent spindle is comforting to the ears.
  • Processing is quick and precise with a repeatability factor.
  • The assembly and execution cannot be done with the help of the instruction manual.



Outline dimension 1300×1050×750mm (L×W×H)
Spindle Speed 2000~24000R/M
Cooling mode Water Cooling

Product Description

Jessica CNC routers’ newest model, the JFT 6090, is made particularly for commercial use. The setup’s lifetime is increased by the use of high-grade metal with an anodized surface in the gantry-type framework. For flawless square pieces, the surface has been extensively smoothed.

A closed-loop hybrid stepper motor that can achieve a high production speed of up to 10,000 mm/m is installed in this CNC router machine. Another distinguishing characteristic is its ability to provide a controllable engraving speed between 50 and 10,000 mm/m. Consistent positioning precision of up to 0.02mm is also provided.

Water cooling is a feature of both JFT 6090 and JFT 60130, its predecessor. Additionally, the surroundings are kept tidy and clean by the flawlessly crafted dust cover, which has been specifically created to accommodate batch production. A 600 x 900 x 110mm effective travel is also provided.

This top-notch equipment is incredibly adaptable in its operations and can handle drilling, milling, 3D sculpture creation, and engraving tasks with ease. Additionally, the continual machining din is eliminated by the spindle’s silence.

9. Bobs CNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
Bobs CNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Area for cutting: 24 × 24
  • Excellent torque is provided by the NEMA stepper motor.
  • Excellent client service
  • Expensive object
  • A steep learning curve



Brand BobsCNC
Power Source AC
Item Dimensions LxWxH 30 x 38 x 19 inches
Voltage 110 Volts (AC)
Item Weight 42 Pounds

Product Description

Bobs is renowned for both its excellent customer service and high-quality goods. Both E3 and E4 are excellent instances. The CNC E4 router kit from Bobs is an improved version of the E3 with a cutting surface that has been increased from 17.7′′ x 15.3′′ to 24′′ x 24′′ and may be further enhanced to 24′′ x 48′′ with the help of Bobs’ qualified expertise.

The NEMA stepper motor in this CNC woodworking router provides you with maximum thrust for your demanding applications. Bobs’ E4 CNC router has a strong gantry-style frame and is packaged with high-quality goods that are delivered on schedule.

The major drawback, however, is that assembly takes the entire two days and does not ensure that you really understand how it works. Additionally, there is a high learning curve, making it unsuitable for novice woodworkers.

The massive structure wobbles as raw timber are being machined because of the overdue play in

Overall, Bob’s CNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit is worth every money you spend. Drive screw of z-axis still.

10. 3018-SE V2 CNC Router Machine

Best CNC Machines & Routers for WoodWorking 2022
3018-SE V2 CNC Router Machine (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Transparent dust enclosure shield
  • Limit switches and an emergency power button are included.
  • There’s no need to assemble
  • There are cheaper alternatives on the market with the same qualities.



Spindle 300 W
Input Voltage 110V
Power supply output 48V

Product Description

The 3018-SE V2 CNC router, which has improved safety features and a fair price, is the ideal option for enthusiast woodworkers. The desktop machine and the CNC upgrade kit are the two components of the CNC router kit’s package.

A transparent shield that is particularly made for novices who can manage the production process is included with the excellent CNC DIY router. In order to maintain a clean atmosphere, the barrier also retains the wood chips inside the cutting area. Emergency stop buttons, limit switches, an integrated power button, and a control box are further safety measures.

This amazing CNC router kit is practically industry-ready; all you need to do to get it going is connect in power and make a few minor adjustments. Consequently, it is appropriate for small business uses and for seminars conducted at home.

With the aid of G-code, the 3018 SE-V2 CNC router kit functions with all variations of Windows operating systems. The 3018-SE V2 router kit is suitable for cutting and engraving tasks thanks to improved efficiency and precision.

Things to Think About Before Buying: A Buyer’s Guide

What qualities distinguish a superb CNC router for woodworking, and which CNC router kit is the best for various skill levels? Review the buying guide below to learn more and to have a better understanding of the extra features that are frequently included on CNC machines before spending a lot of money on one.


The three axes (X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis) CNC machine comprises numerous spindle speeds, tiny CNCs, and YZ machines, and is the most popular tool because of its affordability and accuracy. The spindle maintains its position while in operation, making it an excellent CNC equipment for beginners or students.


The three axes of a 4-axis router are combined with an A-axis, which enables the spindle to move left and right while processing three surfaces simultaneously to produce planar and three-dimensional engraving. This tool is perfect for creating intricate 3D items and patterns out of wood or even soft metals.

Rotating Axes

The rotating spindle tool used by CNC routers enables them to treat four surfaces at once. This is especially helpful for cylindrical projects like detailed furniture accents or ornate wooden statues that will be finished in three dimensions.


Servo and stepper motors are the two types of motors used in CNC equipment.

Servo Motor

The servo motor can cut wood precisely, withstand high speeds, and withstand overload for a longer-lasting tool. It’s also more steady and silent, making it perfect for detailed designs. The CNC tool will be more productive the faster the motor spins.

Stepper Motor

The stepper motor is the less expensive option and works well for simple plane engraving. Stepper motors are trustworthy, accurate, and simple to regulate. They perform well for the majority of woodworking projects as well.


Screw drives and rack drives are the two basic types of transmission drive systems used in CNC router machines.

Screw Drive

With slower speeds and shorter tool life, the screwdriver is the more fundamental of the two. The screw drive may grow loose and require frequent tightening if improperly placed. Smaller wood carving projects generally employ this kind of motor.

Rack Drive

The rack drive offers a considerably more precise transmission and is capable of handling more complex tasks. This drive is more costly, lasts longer, and is speedier. For efficient engraving depth, a laser module can employ this kind of drive.


Spindles can be air-cooled or have a water cooling system.

Air-Cooled Spindle

An air-cooled spindle is less expensive, simpler to maintain, and more user-friendly because it merely employs a fan to cool the spindle down.

Water-Cooled Spindle

When the spindle speed is too high, a water-cooled system uses water to cool the spindle down. In general, it lasts longer, is more accurate, and is quieter than a fan-cooling system.

Table Size and Bed

Two different types of tables are included with router tables: an aluminum table and a vacuum table.

Aluminum Tables

The metal table works well for projects that are cylindrical or have other unusual shapes, although it does require that items be secured to the table.

Vacuum Tables

A vacuum table removes the need for clamps by vacuuming the part right onto the surface. Since there is less trembling when in use, engraving may be done with more precision.

Collection of Dust

When it comes to cleanup, having a dust collecting system on one of these machines is a wonderful benefit. A dust port on some CNC machines enables the tool to collect dust during carving.

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